Violent deportations continued after Semira’s death

lundi 22 septembre 2003.

par Raf - Belgium Indymedia.

Sentigie Kargbo, refugee from Sierra Leone, arrived at Brussels-Airport on June 2, 1998. Spent 7 months in Belgian refugee-prisons. Met Semira Adamu (strangled by 5 policemen on September 22, 1998) in the 127bis-prison. Witness of the prison-uprising in Merksplas in January 15, 1999.

Deported violently three days later, on Monday January 18, 1999 to Conakry and hospitalised the very same day. A video-testimonial, filmed in Conakry in March, 1999. Even then, Sentigie was still suffering from Belgian police-"treatment".

Video testimony
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